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Permalink Posted by n00b100 on , attached to 2012-08-28
n00b100The first set is great fun, and remarkably energetic (the folks streaming it live were not lying); any set with a whistling Reba, Peaches, and Camel Walk is going to get a thumbs up from me. The second set is just as much fun, but with some Type II to spare - the (too short for me, but whatever) Undermind was very welcome, Sand laid down a tight groove as it has all tour, and of course the Limb by Limb went to some dark, spaced-out places, a marquee jam along the lines of Charlotte's Tweezer or Oak Mountain's Rock & Roll. The first five songs flow together really, really well, and a YEM, average or no, is always welcome in any set.

Maybe this is because I was not as high on the first leg as most people, but I would say this show tops all but the best Leg 1 shows (barring Star Lake and SPAC 3), and is the best of the post-CA runup to Dick's. Considering the brevity of Phish 2012, that's pretty high praise. But one listen to that second set should make that praise understandable.
Score: 14

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