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Permalink Posted by CCurley2416 on , attached to 2012-08-24
CCurley2416I have been wanting to see phish for about 3 years now and man were they AWESOME!!! I went to this show for my phirst and then in atlanta, and this show was much much more personal. Idk if it was the way the venue was set up, instead of going outward, it just went straight up basically. I wasn't lucky enough to win pit tickets but I was in the section behind that, second row. The crowd was terrific, LOTTSSSS of widespread fans there. I sat behind a 50 year old guy who ate a bunch of mushrooms and booty danced the whole time, it was great, really made my trip lol. I hope they go back to Alabama on their next tour for their 30th.

It's hard to recommend certain songs, the whole show was really terrific. I think my favorites were the Boogie On Reggae Woman, Mike was doing some phunky phunky stuff. The Timber was awesome, and Rock and Roll. Although, like I said: the whole show was really really great. I totally called Possum as the opener the day their second leg schedule came out and I saw AL on there haha
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