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Permalink Posted by ZapRowsdower on , attached to 2012-08-22
ZapRowsdowerFirst off, the venue is amazing. Phish has to come back here again! The large park it's set in the middle of gave everyone plenty of room to spread out. Security seemed confused as to how to deal with us. One lady was yelling "no backpacks" while I walked in with my pack completely unchecked. The theater itself seems smaller in person than it does in pictures. If you didn't check out the Wizard of Oz painting on the ground by the fountains, make sure you do next time.

The first set was a rock and funk fest with the highlight being the Gin - Stash combo.

Second set Tweezer contains a beautiful, soaring jam. Absolutely gorgeous. I gave a personal groan at Piper because A) I can't seem to escape that song and B) they started with the lyrics immediately. I quickly dismissed those thoughts and went with it because, as mentioned above, Piper has been crushing lately. This one didn't reach those heights but was fun.

Mike's > BATR > BDTNL > HT > If I Could > Weekapaug left me conflicted. I wanted to dislike it, but each of those songs is played so well and beautifully that it's hard not to enjoy them.

Harry Hood was redeeming for those who were grumbling and Suzy of course rocked as always.

Standard Phish Encore.

All in all, I don't think this show could have lived up to the hype surrounding it. Speculation abounded going so far as suggesting Gamehendge would be played here given the castle style of the venue. I do think the band missed an opportunity to play off the castle theme and instead chose to deliver a straightforward rocker.
Score: 1

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