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Permalink Posted by phishm0610 on , attached to 2012-08-26
phishm0610I would like to add a review that I wrote last night and made sense at the time. If it's trolly then you all didn't exactly get IT like you were supposed to.

I have no choice but to review this event. It was, for me, a religious experience of no other. If you also got hit by that then I feel like I know you already. My last few reviews have been sappy as shit. I just can't help it. I just went through a cosmic realization of what reality could be if we all weren't all so stupid (me included, but learning fast). This was SF4 period. Look at the setlist's. This was a message. A sign. Do you not think that the banter was a way for them to try and feel like a non glowing human's of jubiliation for just a few moments. They emmersed themselves in the moment and played the air. Not sure what else3 to say. Love is being defined on a nightly basis. Either grab on and share or get lost in the message.

OK now it's time to read other reviews. That show was as good as IT gets. I can't compare it to LB or SF or any of the other stops as those were also that good. Last night was just a complete show from start to finish of total IT. Give that GIN a re listen and then listen to the rest of the show. Messages abound by big RED. Inspired playing by all, but Trey is no longer Troy in my book. Go Red. Hit me in the soul again. Peace all.
Score: 3

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