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Permalink Posted by phunky58 on , attached to 2012-08-26
phunky58Thought this show was good overall but not great. The highlight came in the form of a tweezer sandwiched in the middle of mike's groove. Possibly the first time that ever happened (not positive). over the past four shows including tonight the exploration that i live and breath for is becoming lesss and less. I'm not saying there is none because there is. I know a show is good when i cannot wait to relisten to certain tunes from it the following day. That happened almost every show leg1. However the past four shows there isn't alot i was so excited to relisten to the next day. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love phish and thnk this is the best tour of 3.0 by far. would just like them to let some tunes breath a little more. jus sayn. that said i can't wait for tuesday night.
Score: 2

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