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Permalink Posted by bouncin7 on , attached to 2012-08-25
bouncin7Yet another second set worth writing about ~ 8/25/12 Georgia:
KooL to see them start off set II with KDF. Trey delivers unique notes to this version towards end - just wicked fast picking, but it's what bends out of Golden Age that starts the show < : : : : > an immediate funk-phest from Mike once Trey is done singing all those Golden verses - sounds so good to the ears Mike and Page funking it in, out and around. And the most welcome FREE phollows suit. Right on! Could they top that? YES INDEED melting from something impossible to put into words during Chalkdust Torture > What's The Use. I can spell it like this P H I S H. The last 5 minutes of Chalkdust are a phine wine making this second set a must so many 2012 summer shows - Phresh Phish is available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. And the light is growing brighter now - shone bright in Georgia! Happy ending never ending!
Score: 2

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