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Permalink Posted by phishm0610 on , attached to 2012-08-25
phishm0610I posted this review on Miner's site, but before succombing to sleep, I now have the opportunity to share my thoughts on I just feel the need to share right now and can't control it. Wow that was hard to type. Now cut and paste.

Either way, hereís my 2 cents. This was beyond anything that I type. Period. This is a band that is meditating in a supernatural state of being that nullifies any chance for an EGO to become involved. Whenever there is a negative feeling produced from this being, the other 3 tentacles pull it in, swallow it, and let it free with a being that none of us ever knew existed until Sunday. This LOVE that is being defined from night to night is radiating out my pores and being. I can transfer it at will now and thank Phish for expanding it within me. If there is a webcast for the Dickís shows, we will all look back 20 years from now and remember the time we all got IT at the same time and it changed the world. Weíre close, but can go farther. And by the way, Iím not on any psychedelic of any kind. Iím trippin on the feeling of love that radiates through my fingers and soul.
Score: 5

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