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Permalink Posted by TheOceanSings on , attached to 2012-07-01
TheOceanSingsTalk about one hell of a night. This was my first time back to Alpine since my very first Phish show and I think that this has been my favorite show so far (12 under my belt so far, Chaifitz will be 13).

I would like to add is anyone going to mention A Song I Heard? This is my all time favorite Phish song! I love all of Undermind, but A Song I Heard is definitely my favorite. This was my first one and I was ecstatic. Part of the way into night four I did not think of anything that could make me happier and instantly stopped thinking about all of the other songs on my summer hopes and dreams list.

Before becoming a Phish phan my favorite band was Led Zepplin. So when No Quarter started I almost died. My boyfriend looked me in the eyes and warned me not to lose my mind. I could barely keep my head on though. I have already listened to this show a good 50 plus times.

Of course, Thank you for that amazing Coil!

There are still songs left on my wish list, but this night made me so happy that I am willing to save all of them for next summer :)

P.S. I am kind of sad that I was not in my seat for Meatstick (I love being on the lawn). I was on the end of my row pretty close to the front and part of me wonders if I could have been on stage too. I made my boyfriend practice Meatsticking with me before we left because it is a common song for us. I will keep practicing in my bedroom in the meantime...
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