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Permalink Posted by peoplewhofly on , attached to 2012-08-19
peoplewhoflyI am sure someone has said it before, but if the people want to hear Phish acknowledge the Grateful Dead in one of my top 2-3 Phish shows of all time (since 1999); listen to the Mind Left Body Jam opening notes to David Bowie. i was quick to point it out to my wife becase I had listened to 6/18/94 the day before.

I've seen 60+ Phish shows, and I missed Big Cypress.
A regret that hurt a lot less after Sunday night Bill Graham, from song One to the final note- quite possibly the best concert I have ever seen. Usually my, now wife, and myself usually dance Page-side with our friends, but we took seats al the way to the left over Page's side; wouldn't trade it for a thousand dollars. I danced, but at times through Crosseyed->Light->Sneakin Sally->Crosseyed>Theme>Rocky Top I just stopped and stared at Trey and Mike and Fish and Page; I love the eruption at the end of Light before Sally, reminiscent of about 18 mins into Rock N Roll from the Gorge last year.
I am just so humbled to be able to be apart of Sunday. I was never at a Gamehendge show, nor NYE 95; I was at Bill Graham night three, where undeniably they owned it.
There is only one Phish, and I think myself and others on this website are very lucky to have a favorite band who works so hard, who is so creative, who tries every type of music, who covers any band; who, in my book is the best four man Music Band of all time. I know how well the Beatles wrote catchy songs anf made great albums, but they could not craft the music these men do. It is awesome to be alive during good music. I always wished I was alive in the 70's to see Bob Marley, even more than the Dead; but no band has gotten better at year 29, that I know of at least.

Good Job boys- you are very much a soundtrack to my life, and it is second to none!
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