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Permalink Posted by saroks5415 on , attached to 2012-08-22
saroks5415I havent listened to the show yet, but when i saw this Mike's groove, I didnt even have to hear it, I smiled.
Im a big "if i could" fan and I got one at SPAC right before SOaM. I had been chasing a SOaM and had only heard If I Could on various older shows. So, needless to say, the combo overwhelmed me with joy. (Plus, I had maneuvered my way down into the pavilion for Camel Walk thru If I Could then started heading back up the strip, dancing to Split Open, Great timing!)
But i couldnt agree more with you, nichobert. Backwards is underrated (I really enjoyed 8 12 11's backwards @ Outside Lands.), Heavy Things is poppy, but phish-poppy, which equals awesome! And bouncing fits great.
One of my favorite Mike's grooves on paper that I've seen this year. These guys really have something special going on this tour, a lot of fun being had.
I laughed out loud at the Todd Akin note...what a doucher!
Cant wait to have a listen.
Score: 2

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