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Permalink Posted by AlumniBlues420 on , attached to 2011-08-15
AlumniBlues420i think what makes UIC night 1 different from alot of shows is there wasnt a obvious climax because it all was prestine.

Alumni Blues > LTJP > Alumni Blues = trey absolutely destroys this and only played 4 times since my first show in 1999 when it was a 324 show bustout from '94

basically they have played alumni blues 5 times since 1994 and UIC's one is prestined.... hmmmm this would probably be the climax but again it is all prestined... and again those hating this show probably over look one of the best versions of alumni in over 20years lol pretty rare and perfect...

Waves>Undermind is unreal and really the whole show lol

again how is this over rated because they played an element set not YEM and other classics??

i dont get your logic sir... sounds like pure hating
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