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Permalink Posted by AlumniBlues420 on , attached to 2011-08-15
AlumniBlues420first off let me add, if you are saying a show is over rated that you did not attend you are hating...

secondly, UIC night one was breath taking amazing. From start to fifth encore every song was played perfectly with maybe a few minor mistakes (very minor) and if this isnt the best show of 3.0, then it is hands down top 5. So to say this show is over rated is purely hating that you didnt attend.

Can anyone that was inside the small UIC arena please come on here and say it was over rated. I'll be shocked. To me UIC night one is in the top 3. if not number 1...

the second set was 1hr and 6mins much like the show in 7-24-99. How else are you going to get a 5 song encore culminating in Harry Hood, if you arent at a festival lol.....

haters got to hate. UIC night 1 is gold!!!!
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