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Permalink Posted by headyburritos on , attached to 2012-08-17
headyburritosOverall this was an extremely fun show to be at. Had an awesome crew with me and we had decent (well maybe not really) floor spots. The first set was pretty much what I expected it to be..nothing too fancy but definitely some high energy stuff to get the crowd excited.

Second set Disease and Tweezer are surely the highlights of this night. I'll go ahead and agree with what most people have already said; the second set seemed to lack a real good flow and energy level. The Wading>CDT>Joy segment kinda deflated the energy levels, and I'm not totally sold on a Shine A Light set closer. Even though the set really slowed down with those songs, I really enjoyed Wading, it was performed well and was very pretty. Joy is an emotional song and has a lot of meaning for a lot of people, including the band. I can never be upset about hearing them play it, although like I said it kind of deflated the energy. All in all, this is probably the weakest of the 3 night run in SF. First Tube encore was fun fun fun!
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