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Permalink Posted by IamHIGHdrogen on , attached to 2012-08-19
IamHIGHdrogenI got out of work late last night and hopped onto the webcast at NICU. I was heated that I missed a bunch of great songs; Reba and Mound specifically. Little did I know I was still in for a thrill-ride of epic porportions. Roggae and Bowie were amazing and at a point where I definitely thought the set was over. Pumped I heard the mind left body tease at the beginning of Bowie and then was verified by the .net update.
Not going to go on forever. The second set is pure fire. There are so many sick teases and themes/grooves by each member of the band. Such a tight performance. Download this immediately. Almost 3.5 hours of music. I look forward to looking back fondly upon this performance (even via couch).
Score: 4

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