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Permalink Posted by phishm0610 on , attached to 2012-08-19
phishm0610Live Via WebCast

I've been seeing Phish since 94 and have maybe reviewed 5 shows up to now. I never saw the point as everyone always wrote what I felt.
These last few shows are different. They are a cosmic interstellar metaphysical psychic journey that explodes into the psychedelic jamfest that we all just witnessed.
This may sound weird, but I'm glad I wasn't there. That was more then I could handle sitting at my computer, and I have tasted the Chalkdust. Sorry if I sound spun out, but I'm spun out. That was the best Phish show I have ever heard. And if you check my stats, I've seen at least a couple killer shows, and have listened to bordering on tens of thousands of hours of music. I like no other band and can't be convinced by anyone that another band exists. Tonight justifies my haste for any other music then Phish. They play what I feel and push it into your soul like a freight train of energy.
You either feel it or you like Dave.
Now, obviously explaining it is another thing. Good luck.
Score: 60

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