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Permalink Posted by dogogbyn on , attached to 2012-08-19
dogogbynSet 1

Some of the playing in the beginning of set 1 (Reba) either seemed to lack inspiration or the boys were simply a bit tired. Nonetheless, listen to this set for some above average playing on Jibboo and Bowie. For instance, the phab four hit a beautiful, mellow space at the beginning of the Bowie jam and then move into some sonically dissonant, murkier waters.

Set 2

Set two started with perhaps the most thoughtfully played Crosseyed and Painless. Tonightís version was definitely on par with the absolute face-melter-of 11/2/96. If youíre looking for an exploratory vision quest, check out vids of tonightís Crosseyed. Page took Light out to funky horizons on the theremin. When Sneakiní Sally started, I could hear that the guys were in the pocketórelaxed, in a state of fluid experimenation, yet focused. The best shows of 3.0 have involved Trey sitting back a bit and allowing Mike, Page, and Fish to bring their vision quests to center stage, and tonightís show is certainly an example of this type of full-band, empathetic (listening and) playing. Iím ambivalent about YEM, but tonightís exorcism of a vocal jam left me shaken to my musical core.

Crosseyed→Light→Sneakiní Sally
Score: 11

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