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Permalink Posted by cuddlyandmuscular on , attached to 2012-08-18
cuddlyandmusculari thought this show had some really awesome highs coupled with some pretty big lows

overall, like at any phish show i am lucky enough to attend i had a fucking blast... and danced my ass off.

but comparatively to the show i saw in long beach, musically speaking aside from a great maze, tasty ocelot, great mikes>simple, and a smoking carini, it had much to be desired and at some points was downright sloppy

the long beach show was the utter titties, but to each their own..

i can see someone who is a fan of loud dirty grimy arena rock n roll shows saying that the bgca show was off the heezy, and there were moments, but.. while an amazing time.. didn't think it was their best performance

no concert id rather be at though always.. but aside from having lots of energy and getting that small room super fired up many times, the boys were not at their utmost tightest imho
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