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Permalink Posted by nichobert on , attached to 2012-08-18
nichobertWell there WAS a 16 minute DWD and 14 minute Tweezer the night before, so I'm not sure what anyone means by the jamming being gone.

I thought that 2nd set had it's moments for sure. The Simple was breathtakingly psychedelic, Number Line probably fixed a lot of peoples doses with it's ecstatic solo. Then back into the murk with an excellent albeit short Carini.

Much better flow than the 1st night of San Fran but less in the way of individual highlights. Easily the most balanced show so far, with the first set having some very nice moments.

For those with limited hard drive space, the Leg
thus far can boil down to: Rock & Roll> Ghost-> Limb, Hood, Sand, Slave, DWD, Tweezer>Twist, Jim, Wolfmans, Melt, Golden Age-> Piper, Simple
Score: 8

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