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Permalink Posted by bouncin7 on , attached to 2012-08-17
bouncin7Via webcast and minidisc ~ just gave this show a 4 knowing in my heart, ears, brain and blood supply, the following songs were above average versions "Corinna" "Funky Bitch" "Disease" "Tweezer" and just an ear-to-ear smiling version of "Shine a Light." Trey was smiling so much during Shine a Light, that grin zapped me out of my growing I'm passing out couch tour stage at 1:30am Chicago time. Best of all was the TWEEZER. There is a moment in this TWEEZER where Trey hands it all over to Mike and the groove between Mike and Jon makes ah my eyes bulge - oh yes - its what keeps us all addicted that groove. I wanna say this, too, because I may write about future shows this tour, I don't believe most of the negative or critical things I read from others on here. If you listen to PHISH young or old, new or vet, and you write on, you have better taste in music than 99.9% of the Earth population. Trey - if you're reading this, how about a BFFCFM > Life On Mars > Spock's Brain. That would be righteous. Keep tickling our ears and inspiring our lives!
Score: 1

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