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Permalink Posted by phishm0610 on , attached to 2012-08-17
phishm0610Via Live Webcast

If you were unable to enjoy this show then it's time for you to find another band. I normally only start laughing during sick jams like DWD and Tweezer when at the show and feel the vibe and am in on the joke. I actually got that feeling last night at around 2am in the comfort of my home. These guys are unreal. I was disappointed with a lot of the 1st part of summer tour, but the jamming at both Long Beach and San Francisco are at another level of conscienceness that most of you are not even aware exists. Instead of waiting for the next great thing to happen during the show, just allow yourself to live in the now and enjoy the vibe that these 5 guys (Chris is part of the band) provide. It's such a great ride.
Score: 4

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