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Permalink Posted by nichobert on , attached to 2012-08-17
nichobertTwist, Velvet Sea, Chalkdust, Joy, Antelope, Shine A Light, First Tube

Take a good look at it. Or if you're a braver man than I, relisten to it. This is a segment that will go down in history. That's right boys and girls, the second half of this second set just reached up with authority and grabbed the end of the first night of Superball's "Least Cohesive Setlist Imaginable By Man" crown and placed it on it's own head, and then walked around swinging it's stick with a mean look on it's face.

I'm not sure if I'm in the kind of headspace where I can pretend this impossible to latch onto 7 song segment was supposed to be a joke poking holes in Phish's psychedelic sky-pilot mystique, like something from 93 where a jam starts sounding a little bit too much like Zeppelin on their best day and they immediately scrap it in favor of atonal plodding and interpretive dance.

Or the ->|.. ->|? |||! segues of earlier 3.0 days that got so comically awful following brief glimpses of such spectacularly brilliant improvisation that it became easier to accept if you'd only admit that they were fucking with you.

Or the one that other people besides myself apparently believe: That on the day they finally decide to nail the Ghost breakdown, they're going to do so, then stop and apologize for fucking that part up and say they're going to try it again, and then go back and trainwreck that shit so hard that you're looking over your shoulder hoping that Denzel has some words of wisdom that can prevent the destruction of a burnt out Rust Belt husk of a city.

Hard to argue with a DWD & Tweezer totaling over half an hour of interesting improvisation. I GUESS we could focus on that. Not quite as historic as the hilarity that ensues afterwards though.
Score: 4

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