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Permalink Posted by markah on , attached to 2012-08-15
markahAs amazing as the R&R>Ghost is (and it really....REALLY is...) the Gin is clearly the highlight of Set I.

Check out this Gin: I'm hearing some "Tequila" teases from Page (and Mike joins in) beginning at 3:59...and then this jam wastes no time. Trey stays within the theme and even quotes it over the next couple of minutes, but Fishman quickly tightens up the beat and leans into the high-hat a little more, and the rest of them follow into an aggressive tear through the next portion. Trey gives us some of his classic tremolo that usually signals the end--but then we get another build up (ending with some great, really uncharacteristic improv!!!) which carries over into the very last run-through of the phrase before returning to the jam. In these last few moments before the theme returns, the bass is especially stunning!! This Gin is one of the best examples of collective (i.e., not "Trey-led" or "DoMIKEnated") jamming I've seen from this band.
Score: 1

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