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Permalink Posted by funkbeard on , attached to 2012-08-15
funkbeardStorage Jam appearance in this jam?

I finally realized the meaning.

From this time forth, Phish are going to be so great on a consistent basis that you do not have enough storage on your computer or even in the hours of your life to hear it all. If you thought the past was great, get a load of what's likely to come next!

They're promoting Hampton '97 with long jams this year, and the jams are incredibly meaningful again and again. Hell, there's that moment Mike Gordon had where the compositions and jams blended into perfect balance and he had something like a religious experience. Now we get this chapter of Phish that conveys that feeling in a way I can appreciate.

I'm listening for the first time, and I'm at the first spacey turn of the jam, and it's really questing and gorgeous. I love Phish 2012!
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