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Permalink Posted by fry1077 on , attached to 2011-08-05
fry1077I never got around to writing a review for this show even though it was my first, I got an email from that said it was my first Phish-iversary and that I should review it. I started the day off in the last place I wanted to be - taking a test in my Pre-calc class that I was taking in summer school, I couldn't wait to get to the show.

Kill Devil Falls - I thought this was an awesome concert opener, It got everyone dancing and Trey played really well.
The Wedge - My favorite part of this was what page is playing in the beginning, it is also one of my favorite versions and one of the longest that I have heard.
Bathtub Gin - Similar to The Wedge: one of my favorite parts is the little riff that Mike plays in the beginning. It also features a really good jam (which is my other favorite part lol).
My Friend, My Friend - When they played this song I was thinking "Man this is really funky" Also it builds up a lot of energy towards the end.
Taste - Just like My Friend, My Friend: this song really builds up energy towards the end, and it also features an awesome jam.
Roggae - This song was like a cool down from My Friend/Cavern/Taste. That being said it isn't lacking in intensity or good jamming, definitely the best song of the set. It featured some awesome playing by Mike, and was perfect accompaniment to the sunset at the Gorge.
Walk Away - In this song the energy is built back up with some guitar shredding by Trey, which continues for the rest of the set.
Roses Are Free - What I liked about this song was the transition that seems to melt into David Bowie.
David Bowie - I thought this was really well played and a perfect closer for this awesome set.

Rock & Roll - This is by far the best jam of the show, quite possibly of Summer 2011. The theremin filled the Gorge and bounced around the mountains, it was really eerie, kind of like the alien mothership had landed. I didn't even know what was making that sound until I checked the setlist. What added to the eeriness was Mike singing "It was alright...." Another awesome part was Mike's bass transition into Meatstick, his bass was so loud it felt like it was piercing me.
Meatstick - The transition from spaciness to funkiness was flawless. The jam featured some excellent playing by Page.
Boogie On Reggae Woman - The transition into Boogie On was another really good one, albeit a little shaky compared to the one into Meatstick, though in my opinion the jam was better than in Meatstick. It also featured a nice melodic transition into Farmhouse.
Farmhouse/Show of Life - These two songs seemed like a cool down from the spaciness and funk of the previous songs, but definitely not as good compared to the Roggae cool down. I thought it was a really good version of Farmhouse though.
Julius/Character Zero - These songs built the energy back up after losing some of the energy with the previous two songs. Character Zero featured some high energy playing from Trey to close out an awesome set.
Loving Cup - It kind of seems like there is a pattern between Phish playing an awesome show and then closing with Loving Cup encore in 3.0.

Set 1 highlights: Bathtub Gin, Taste, and Roggae
Set 2 highlights: Rock & Roll, Meatstick, Boogie On Reggae Woman
Honorable Mentions:
Set1: The Wedge, Walk Away, David Bowie
Set2: Farmhouse
Score: 1

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