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Permalink Posted by dr_strangelove on , attached to 2010-06-18
dr_strangeloveWanted to say that light through hood should be sought. Halley's is not noteworthy in of itself. However, I am a fan of how the chords of "light" suddenly come out of nowhere and the jam that results is interesting (most light's have been 'interesting'). One reviewer for this concert likened trey's jamming to the brush strokes of a painter like Picasso. I really enjoy that analogy for this jam. Something about his playing really captures that idea of a painter and a canvas. But the real gem here is "billy breathes". Maybe I just don't hear this song enough, but the transition from light was perfect and the song's performance was stellar! Emotionally stirring and beautiful! The tweezer that follows is funk-tastic and a superb jam. The funk just does not let up and the whole band is locked-in. Its seems unfair to mention trey's incredibly jamming without mentioning the contributions of the all the other members. Absolutely love it. About the 13:30 mark of the jam, the band dissolves down into a dark spacey semi-frightening tense ambiance. It is definitely a chilly way to end the jam and bleeds beautifully into theme. Theme is treated beautifully and takes some great twists during its jam. When fishman's tom rolls for Hood kick in, the excitement of all the greatness that has just occurred prior rolls over into this song and some of the instrumental breaks during the beginning of this hood are particularly unique and inspired. Right before they start singing "Harry, harry, where do you go...", Page uses an incredibly wild synth effect that makes me feel crazy everytime I hear it. What a great segment of music.

Main idea: Billy breathes performance and the context of its placement make it a superb hidden gem worth seeking out. Light jam is abstract messy/spacey and tweezer funk will blow your mind. The transitions and energy stay throughout theme and hood.
Score: 1

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