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Permalink Posted by That_Guy_Chino on , attached to 2012-06-17
That_Guy_ChinoRaging show. Can't stop listening to that deep Timber>Fluff>Walls>Character WOW.. BOOM!

Drowned is always 2nd set solid opener, but what got the juices flowing on this 3rd night 2nd set was the 2001. Possibly the best I've heard since the 2003 Anniversary Run (Albany). This is on my playlist daily. DAILY. What freakin jam. Has some funk similar to some MJ type stuff. Loving what Page and Trey were doing. and then..... comes the BOMB...... REBA

Reba is my mothers milk. This is by far the best Reba I've heard since the 12/31/94 (Glenn Falls NY). That Reba is 18+ stuffed with 12 minutes of Trey & Page crying with their instruments. Epic..... BUT more about this one. The Reba sent me in a whole different world. It was timed nicely, sounded smooth, nice crescendo, solid drops from mikey & fish. Trey really took that jam home and didn't f' this one up. He took his time and put it together.

All and all a VERY positive trip. This was 65, 66, 67 for me and it was 3, 4, 5 for my wife. She loved every bit of it. Can't wait for ATL>CLT!
Score: 4

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