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Permalink Posted by saroks5415 on , attached to 2012-07-06
saroks5415Great show!
What stuck out to me, was the opening's my interpretation.

It was an ode to Trey's general life story:
Runaway Jim- Trey was a runaway. Experimenting with music and all sorts of other fun.
Ocelot- he got lost in the scene, perhaps in his music as well. The ongoing creativity must be difficult. He may have felt like he was 'hiding in the herd' so he relied on the creative edge presented by the chemical "fun" as mentioned before, to stick out. It worked for a while until...
Heavy things- he was arrested in the Albany area, his troubles had got the best of him. Heavy things came down on him, that he could not see happening.
Then, back on the train- here we are spac, hope you're ready to rock. Took Trey a while to hop back on the train, but now we are witnessing the wonderful 3.0 era.

Idk, just an observation I made while smiling on the lawn at spac. Agree or disagree, I had a wonderful time and can't wait to see the boys rockin again!
Score: 3

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