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Permalink Posted by Posterdog on , attached to 2012-06-22
PosterdogAn overall great show with good jamming throughout most of the songs allowing jam space.

The boys came out and kicked straight into a 14 minute Wolfmans to kick off the night, hence after followed a well placed peaches keeping the energy high and the hopes even higher.

A bust out of Shaggy Dog brought nostalgic cheers from vets, but left me stammering to figure out which song it was, which became very obvious due to the repetition of the song title in the lyrics.

Following shaggy dog the band stuck with the pup theme playing Runaway Jim, which was more or less standard clocking in at just under 9 minutes.

Light up or leave me alone then Wilson set the set back on fire, and left no doubt that the night would not disappoint. One of my new favorites Alaska followed in a well placed slot setting up the set for a bang of a finish.

Stash brought the mood to just the right setting just before the night would take a turn for greatness. The band dropped into Poor Heart, and just as me and my friend exchanged five on the song it stopped on the drop of a dime. Trey then pointed out that Fishman had flubbed the drum intro and said something along the lines of "fuck that song then" providing a comedic factor for the night. Thereafter the boys dropped into Moma Dance which was also aborted due to a Fishman mistake and was followed by Trey making a similar comment.

Llama was just the intro beat and song the crowd needed to explode with energetic delight, and this one would not be flubbed. Afterwards Trey decided to request songs that Fishman starts on the drums, coining them before they were played followed Buffalo Bill and Saw It Again, which added greatly to my sentimental valuing of the show. As Saw It Again changed to David Bowie Trey gave mention that this was Chris's favorite song. This gave a comedic punch to a standard 13 and a half minute Bowie to close the set.

The second set would kick off with a DWD, Guelah Papyrus, KDF, but it was the Twist that turned the night into something special. With a very deep jam it left me with the taste of success in my mouth having gotten the jam i came for. This was the highlight of the night and easily takes a spot as one of best jams of 1st leg.

The Roggae was notably choice as it fit perfectly in the set and was followed by a well jammed Carini which featured Page utilizing the theremin to its full extent.

The Chalkdust and Golgi gave the second set a boom of a finish and left all hungry for more, but what would happen next would send everyone home happy.

Fluffhead as an encore was maybe the last thing I expected but was exactly what I needed. Finding its first encore slot since 1990, it made a notable show a tour highlight taboot.
Score: 1

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