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Permalink Posted by Brother on , attached to 2011-12-30
BrotherWow I don't understand the negative votes for the two posts above me. Just because they had a less than positive opinion of this less than stellar show doesn't mean they weren't adding worthwhile content. It's an opinion!

Caspian>Number Line was a good segue, and that's about the improvisational highlight of the first set. However, Quinn was fucking PUMPING. The energy could've blown the roof off there.

As for set 2, there could've been more jamming, but what there was some quality hidden here. Piper had an excellent spacey jam with a HUGE Mike bomb. Twist went nowhere. Julius ripped hard. But there was some great funk in 2001. Start/stop jamming if I recall. I'd say the highlight of the show, other than the great Piper, was the Boogie On with the breakdown>Mike solo. Fun show, but not what some expect based on the time and energy they put into getting to this run.
Score: 1

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