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Permalink Posted by harryhood92 on , attached to 2012-06-23
harryhood92DAMN. Best show of the first leg for me. Liked the groovy Funky Bitch opener, got the Backwards out of the way early. Gumbo is another really good groove and the crowd was eating it up, maze was a welcomed suprise early on, really brought the energy in the pavillion up. Torn and Frayed is a great song for them to cover and they have delivered some solid performances, this being one. Moma brought the funk to PA, and then the Mule began. Awesome Mule Deul with Page hopping on theremin and all the members having a good time. 46 Days is always solid. YEM! The first YEM in 12 shows and of the tour, people were raging the whole time and everyone knew the second set was gonna rage.

Jibbo was a good opener with Gordo on his old Fender bass. Then the fun really started with a raging Mike's song, into a good Simple. But then the came Light which had one of the better jams of the summer with Page really getting into it. The Groove started odd with Trey playing the opening licks, and after a brief little jam/segue the best 'Paug of the summer and possibly 3.0 began. 7 below was a good cooldown until its jam started up and had people grooving again. The Bouncing was brief and in my opinion unnecessary, take it out and you have a fire set. Julius brings the energy up again and Slave finishes it off. Everyone figured a Loving Cup or GTBT encore but we were all treated to Lizards, even though Trey flubbed the lyrics. It just made this version the much funnier.

A great show, top 3 for the first leg for sure.
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