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Permalink Posted by Commander_Riker on , attached to 2012-06-16
Commander_RikerEvery show I have attended usually gets a 3 or 4 on rating, 5 is reserved for the unique occasion where I am completely blown away and glowing.
Like I will give a show a 5 after the first set if it's that good.

This show would get a 5 if a few things happened. I won't go into detail because they didn't.

The highpoints for me were:

Mike's with the phish war. Very fun and the Mike's was punchy and set the stage for rocking.

PYITE was funkified and worth continuous listens.

Crosseyed and Painless > Slave to the Traffic Light > Light[4] -> Manteca -> Light[5] > Theme From the Bottom

Best song flow of tour IN my opinion.

Golgi was cool to get as I had only seen one in 31 shows. But not a great placement.

Sand was excellent.

GTBT was pretty much spot on. Very well done.

This show is a solid 4 and probably the best of the weekend.
Score: 1

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