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Permalink Posted by phunky58 on , attached to 2012-07-08
phunky58wow 4.7 out of 5 stars. this was definitely a good show but definitely not a 4.7 out of 5. IMO this show was the best of the three night run at spac. The show really began from if i could onwards. Split was menacing and may give this portsmouth version a run for its money for best split of tour but I give the edge to portsmouth. Once again Light was an absolute must hear as the boys wove a beautiful tapestry of sounds during the jam. The other must hear of this show comes in the form of piper. And what a monster this piper was. This piper goes head to head with the alpine piper and I have yet to decide which was the best of the tour. Give them both a listen and you can decide it will be well worth your time invested. Bowie and Yem were also very good versions though the lyrics were flubbed a bit in yem it didnt take away from the jam one bit. Overall I would have rated this show higher if they didn't cut twist short AGAIN. Something we saw happen more frequently toward the end of leg1 but not the begininng. Twist has so much potential to take us to that magic place only phish can take us. and once again last night it definitely had the makings to do so again as the jam started to take off but unfortunately was cut short. Overalll this is the best tour i've heard in a long time and I'm excite as a kid on xmas eve for leg 2. I give best show of leg 1 to star lake or alpine night 1 (because of set 2). But thats just one my opinion. cheers everyone
Score: 2

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