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Permalink Posted by Phluphphhead99 on , attached to 2012-07-08
Phluphphhead99Sunday night at SPAC was real good, but certainly not a show that would be measured in the high ranks of Phistory. While I admit my thoughts may be skewed because this SPAC run may be the end of the line of my Phishin days. My nostalgic moments with friends and the band swirled my emotions around all weekend so I wasn't in my normal Phish frame of mind (kinda like a Coventry feel)
I personally think Friday and Saturday provided more moments. The Psycho Killer thrown in the Tube, Fishman tucking and running around the stage before Cracklin Rosie, and the amazing Light Up or Leave Me Alone were Friday set 1 highlights. The Sand on Friday ignited the crowd about as much as I've ever seen. The Ghost really fell apart but the mood picked back up with the appearance of Tom and Dude.
Saturday started a little slow and was cover happy, but what a choice for covers. Only Phish can pull off the Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, the Violent Femmes, Stevie Wonder, Deodato (Strauss), TV on the Radio and Beastie Boys all in one show. The Cities
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