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Permalink Posted by AlumniBlues420 on , attached to 2012-07-01
AlumniBlues420Also this was reply to glowstick campfire

Yes it was an amazing stretch but any that gets mad cuz they play 5 farmhouses is pretending to be way cooler than they are...

especially when the five songs are some of the better songs from farmhouse too

who gets mad when they play gotta jibboo? sick jam with loop guitar? Dirt is always great Farmhouse is a classic remember this song debut in 97' ... and is about the place where all this magic happens... Back on the train is always fun with good jamming and the fifth one heavy things is always fun and can give trey a chance to rip a happy song too

over all I just hate when people knock the songs.

hey everyone there are good versions of farmhouse and waste and then there are bad versions but dont hear some bad versions and hate on a slow song forever? look for the good versions of songs and be positive!

My only complaint is that they put 3 slower songs out of 4 in the second set but after a first set so amazing... who even cares great show great times!!!

glad you had an epic time and yea dont listen to kids that just whine about slower songs, not every show is supposed to be drop down balls to the walls intense lol
Score: 4

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