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Permalink Posted by custynoob on , attached to 2012-07-07
custynoobYo legba223, first off what I wrote was not a review.....I was only responding to another review. I was not at the show, and haven't even gotten past night 1 to listen to it. As far as me not having any show under my belt pre 3.0....sorry Im younger and and from CO. But I don't review shows from years back that I didn't see. That said I have seen enough live music, and put in enough hours of listening to live phish from the past that I think I have some context to draw from...example being my reference to that 94 show. I only have a problem with criticism that doesn't aim at what actually happen, only at what did not happen....and continually pointing out what Phish doesn't do anymore (like a 10 song jammed the fuck out show) is not being critical. Its more like desperately wanting an experience from your past that is gone gone gone....As far as being a dick....I just like talking shit, but in the end its all love, and who fucking knows we might end up next to each other in a future show having a blast....Fuck ON.
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