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Permalink Posted by Real_out_casty on , attached to 2012-07-07
Real_out_castyhey custynoob, as far as im concerned if you havent been to any show before 2009, ur review gets no credit. what is the basis for comparison? the shows you saw last year or the year before? or just any music in general? i know that phish is better than any band out there, i dont need somebody to tell me that there's a difference between being there and not. i dont enjoy being a dick like this but it's frustrating reading a review like yours. just know there are fans who can hear a show and put it in perspective, w/o being there. anyway my time with them has come and gone, and this is your time, i hope you have great experiences like i did. stay humble and keep an open mind. i think we can both agree that no matter if its `94 or `12, phish is the be all end all when it comes to live music
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