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Permalink Posted by custynoob on , attached to 2012-07-07
custynoobA good time all around. I still don't understand this obsession with 'length of song' that people have. The boys were having a blast and so was everyone around us in our section of the lawn. Feel bad for those insanely critical debbie downers who don't have a good time because Phish didn't play the songs they wanted to hear. WAAAH!

The 1st set took a little while to get grooving, Rift, Cities>Maze is where the fun really starts

A BLISTERing good time 2nd set!!
Score: 2

I could not agree more!!!! These highly "critical" folks that keep ranting about song length and jammin are driving me nuts. Take the MONSTER 94 memorial show that had 33 songs with a second set that had no song over 8 min other than Fluff..this show is no question a classic Phish please stop basing your criticism off wanting a 98, 10 song set that aint going to happen..and as far as I am concerned, if your not actually at the show...ur review gets half credit!
Score: 9

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