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Permalink Posted by funkalunk on , attached to 2012-07-07
funkalunkOh man, two completely opposite sets here. Set 1 is the epitome of "eh" but set 2? Oh man.

Start with Disease -> Blister. This is amazing, and not just for the novelty of Blister being busted out. Disease had a great jam to it, worth a listen.

Boogie was also good. I would've enjoyed a longer version (Who wouldn't?) But it was good for what it was. This takes us into Golden Age which was *phenomenal*.

Slightly above readings of 2001 and Backwards follow. Caspian is Caspian, nuff said.

But the highlight of the night? Mule. Yes, Scent of a Fucking Mule was the best song of the night. That's not to say the show was meh enough for it to happen, but this version was great! Page was on fire tonight, and where else would this show? (Maze in set 1? Ok, maybe the first didn't wasn't without highlights) But man did he bring the thunder. How could Trey answer for his part of the duel? More Blister! We were all happy to hear that.

Then yes, Mike's > Contact > Groove. Mike's was jammed sufficiently, Contact was as happy as ever, and Weekapaug was bangin' (To use an outdated slang).

Sabotage proves Phish isn't a Hiphop group, and that fact doesn't stop them from rocking out in such a fun way.

But the fact remains this amazing set 2 is brought down by it's slightly older brother set 1. Still, I'll take the amazing with the eh any day of the week.

Also! Tires are the things on your jam that make contact with the groove.
Score: 1

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