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Permalink Posted by funkalunk on , attached to 2012-07-06
funkalunkSo I'm at this show right? In the first set I'm panicking. Why is this so standard? (Granted, Phish's "standard" is anyone else's "great") Where is the excitement? Then Tube came.

Christ. The last Tube I've seen was in the one back in AC in June. I think it's safe to say I'm on a pretty good roll with Tubes. This was phenomenal.

More shenanigans follow, and if you don't find yourself smiling at Fishman's antics, or singing along to Cracklin', you might need to loosen up. This one two punch of special made me more than happy to be there. A complete 180.

Paul/Silas, Corinna and Light Up were all songs I'm (And I imagine many others) are constantly chasing, so seeing them was definitely a plus.

Second set was acceptable. Sand and Sneakin -> Ghost are the clear highlights, especially the latter there. Man that jam was liquid excitement.

Two notes into Loving Cup and I'm already on the way to my car.

Show was pretty good! It had ups, it definitely had downs, but it definitely upheld the reputation summer of 2012 is setting for itself. It's a great time to be a phan!

P.S. Getting pulled over and given a ticket while *in the venue* is not fun.
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