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Permalink Posted by mterry on , attached to 2003-07-17
mterryI made the drive from Greensboro, NC for this show. I had met a few friends working at a summer camp the year before, one of which lived in Wichita, KS. So what better reason to catch up with a friend than to throw a phish show in the mix! This was a solo drive in my '93 Honda Accord, a year after highschool, so I was 19 (always keep water handy in older cars, especially if making a drive halfway across the country). It was also my first time taping phish (believe it or not, my source was one of the only three that is in existence:

Anyways, holy hot. It had to be one of the hottest days I can remember. I managed to sit in my car, a/c running for about 2hrs before gates opened. I met up with Cory, a fellow taper from Chicago and he managed to get my gear into the section (didn't score a tapers ticket).

Truthfully, this show was so long ago, not even sure about all the details. However, listening back to the show the Tweezer > Makisupa was a highlight for the night. A no-nonsense Antelope to be checked out as well. It's pretty high up there with intensity.

Beside the show, the other highlight was getting a speeding ticket in Lawrence (cool town, however). This show is often overlooked for the '03 years, and there are no "on-paper" standouts. However, This is one to get for the highlights mentioned above.
Score: 5

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