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Permalink Posted by Slothberries on , attached to 2012-07-03
Slothberriesi really enjoyed the classic mikes groove. straight up, no nonsense, pre 1993 mikes groovin...good stuff. skin it back was sweet. i had never heard of the song before last night. i thought it was great and i hope that they choose to work it into the rotation going forward.

i thought sand was interesting. it had some great moments, but it was also a little confusing. i mean, i enjoyed it, but it seemed to me as if the band was having a hard time figuring out which direction they wanted to take it. we'll see if i still feel that way after i listen back.

I absolutely hate Golden Age, the song. Its 5 minutes of torture to my ears. i dont know why, it just is. but i love the jams that are often built off of it. last nights was probably the most interesting out of all of the ones ive heard. that slow, patient jam was incredible. at times it sounded similar to the famous waves soundcheck from 2011. the crowd knew something special was going down and you could literally feel the venue bursting with energy near the end of that jam. top flight phishin right there, folks.

Top it all off with an intense, high energy antelope (arent they all?) and you have yourself one hell of a show.
Score: 1

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