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Permalink Posted by tat2727 on , attached to 2012-07-01
tat2727This show was above average and much better than saturday's show. The show didn't really start til Vultures, when they played Dirt I pissed myself with excitement, and everyone freaked out when they broke out Meat (sense we basically get it once a year) Personally, I was more than satisfied b/c meat and dirt were the top 2 on my wish list and got them in the same 30 min, but the whole first set i give a 9, Access Me (its an unspoken deal we have with 3.0, "we will play your sign requests, and break out some new covers and gems but we get to play songs from 'Joy' and 'Undermind' ") was just like a lil break to chill before a rockin Frank and a really good jam in Fee. Maze was above average and Page really killed the solo of Coil for what seemed like a full min of cheers and applause (Page looked like he felt loved) to end the first set.

Set 2

2 great covers out the gate, no quarter was just awesome. Light was my bathroom break, ghost was quite funky (btw a pretty ghoulish night with 3 mentions of ghosts i e Vultures, Meat, Ghost also 5 Farmhouse songs) I wish they played something besides meatstick for the encore but hey, they played meat. I went home happy.
Score: -3

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