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Permalink Posted by BouncingRoundMyself on , attached to 2012-06-23
BouncingRoundMyselfWOW!!!!!!!! What a great show! Start to finish just a complete rocker. The guys always throw down at Starlake but this was something special. I am by no stretch an authority on Live Phish. I have about a dozen shows under my belt so for me to say this is the best show I have ever seen doesn't hold much weight for anyone but me. HOWEVER, when i have cats that are 100+ shows deep saying the same thing, I start to think there is some resounding truths to the statement.

After the "Slave" set II closer, my buddy said, "well, here comes our "Loving Cup" or "Good Times, Bad Times". I looked him dead in the eyes and said, "After that show, there is NO WAY they are coming to encore with either of those two songs.(Both good, but not the thrilling end we all want). Well, I was absolutely correct as they encored with the first solo "Lizards" since '94.

Everything about the show was great. The stage banter and theatrics via the "muel duel", the YEM bustout, Type I and II jamming, and most importantly the vibes. You just couldn't beat the vibes at this gig. It truly makes me smile when I see the guys laughing and having fun on stage. And you know when Page is smiling that it is a special evening!!! Overall, this is one of those shows that if you weren't there, you truly missed something special.
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