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Permalink Posted by HighGearAntelope on , attached to 2012-06-23
HighGearAntelopeBitch opener. Great way to start it off. From Maze on, it was, well, ON. Obvious highlights the very duelly Mule and YEM, but Torn and Frayed is one that's really growing on me :)

Lots of good jams in the last halves of just about every song in the 2nd. Week was a bit on the mellow side, by Week standards, but that's not a complaint. Great crowd at STAR LAKE (that's what I'll always call it). Give yourselves a round of applause!

And let's give Star Lake a round of applause, because while they still have a lot that's very hard on the feet (what are those rocks anyway) they staff was awesome tonight, and they now allow some food and unsealed water to be brought in, which was news to me.
Score: 1

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