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Permalink Posted by white_lightning on , attached to 2012-06-23
white_lightningGood to see Phish back in Pittsburgh after not stopping for a few years!

Definitely a good show. (Mental) notes:

Set I: Seems like people either love or hate BDTNL, but if you're gonna get one, second song is a good place, IMO. Jammed well. Maze was tight, Trey showed a ton of patience with this jam, which I think is evident and welcome with his playing in general right now. Torn and Frayed I personally like and was pumped to hear. Scent of a Mule the mule dual ventured into some unique territory, and at one point sounded to me like something straight out of the old west or something...almost show tuney. Pretty wild. YEM closer, awesome. One of my crew actually called a 1st set YEM on the ride there, which made it that much more sweet.

Set II: Mike's Groove was off the charts. About half way through Mike's I knew we were getting Simple, I feel like you can just tell at times that that is where they are headed with it. As much as I like H2 in places, def prefer the Simple. The Light and Weekapaug that followed were fantastic. Slave was nice, a good way to end the show.

E: Lizards is always a good tune, and definitely a great encore. In some odd way, one of the highlights of the show to me was Trey flubbing a vocal in Lizards and the crowd basically cheering him like you would a friend who just did if to say, we don't care, we're still having the time of our lives. Good to see the crowd has matured some with the band, in a positive way (not meaning that we're all getting old, which we are).
Score: 8

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