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Permalink Posted by ScratchMoore on , attached to 2012-06-23
ScratchMooreFirst, I just want to say hello. This is my first time posting anything on any Phish related board.

First time visitor to the boards
First Phish Concert experience: Last night 6-23-2012 Burgettstown PA
First Phish Concert Impression: Astounded. Been a peripheral fan since around '95 or so, but the live experience was a welcome breath of fresh air.
The Green Crew? The Light-stick Explosions? The self-sustaining Phish-nation economy? Wonderful surprises.

Then I add on the fact that I have heard several places (fellow concert-goers, online reviews, etc.) that I was served with a phenaomenal setlist for a first-time attendee.

Sorry to ramble. I just wanted to drop in real quick and offer my sincerest gratitude to the Phish community for their wonderful character, vibe, and overall generosity towards a relative outsider.

Plus the fact that seeing Phish for the very first time was a life-changing experience. Thank goodness I'm 35 with three kids. If I was still 19-22 and childless, I could easily see myself touring from city to city.

Thank you once again for the wonderful first impression. Now I'll get back to listening to the MP3 version of the show I just attended. You Enjoy Myself is just ending and fading out with that insane vocal crescendo.

That's a pretty decent song.....
Score: 37

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