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Permalink Posted by finch460 on , attached to 2012-06-23
finch460Insane. The Mule Duel was unbelievable and very involved. The best part was when the band would rotate who played what, then all of a sudden they went silent and gave the crowd the chance to get involved. LOVED that!

YEM bustout was VERY HEAVILY cheered, as it should've been. Well done.

Second set was amazing from top to bottom. A few notes were flubbed here and there, but nothing to freak out about. SUPER energy, lots of great type-I AND II. Loved it! Mike's raged so hard and Simple was loaded with spacey jams. Seven Below caught me by surprise but I was VERY happy to hear it! CK5 had the new lights going and it looked like palm trees during the 'pretty' riffs of the song. It really matched the mood IMO. Bouncing was unexpected but SO nice. Slave gave me goosebumps. It was so pretty.

Lizards encore? Yes please! When Trey broke into the first chords, you could hear high fives all over. Truly incredible. I had serious goosebumps going on. So awesome. Trey did forget the lyrics though, and he mentioned it. But it was okay. He made up for it by raging out the rest of the song.
Score: 6

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