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Permalink Posted by EducateFright on , attached to 2012-06-17
EducateFrightRight. So this show didn't have any drawn-out, exploratory jamming, or tightrope-walker-without-a-net risk taking. What we have here is a rockin' show that's really well-played. Tight! Listen to Fluffhead - they are right on. No flubs/mistakes stood out to me. And that's what we want when they play a composed (and crazy difficult) prog-rock monster, isn't it? Foam, another terribly difficult song to play, was executed wonderfully. Pretty impressive; we know they've been practicing their asses off. For a bunch of rockers that aren't getting any younger, they are throwing down pretty hard if you ask me. Oh, we also do have the silly humor regarding the ending of Brother. Another great reason to love and embrace Phish, of course. This was a pretty good show. ;)
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