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Permalink Posted by Abe_Froman on , attached to 1998-08-03
Abe_FromanTough to beat Phish at Deer Creek, and on top of that, you've got 1998 vintage Phish. All of the ingredients are there for a great night...

They busted out Ride Captain Ride, Bike, and debuted Rhinoceros, a pretty cool Smashing Pumpkins song (don't forget about that solo Trey takes in it too.)

Halley's is cosmic, Gumbo is groove-tastic, Antelope is high-octane.

And like Ben said above, really interesting set list. Not many of the "classics" like YEM, Mikes, etc., and a lot of newer songs at the time (CTB, Moma, etc.)

Awesome show.
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