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Permalink Posted by Fondue on , attached to 2012-06-17
FondueStep Into The Sewer Pt 3

How this third night snuck up so quick is beyond me, but there it is. Iím sure itíll get a bit panned, sorta deserved, sorta not. There wasnít much in the way of flow, but like any show these days, thereís something to sink your teeth into.

Set 1ís Timber, which I donít claim a lot of love for in general, was great. And Fluff was one tight-ass pill popper. If you want to get more out of the first set, focus your attention on Mike and Fish. These two are just sooooo lock-step, innovative and having fun, Iím not sure Iíve heard them like this before.

Set 2 threatened to burst over and over, but the threat never materialized once we got past Reba. Speaking of, the Drowned -> 2001 -> Reba is absolutely worth a listen. The end of Roses was the first threat. It was slowing down, getting all unctuous, and thenÖ Chalkdust. Which also just started to get dissonant when we wound up in Caspian. Nice transition, tho. I really liked Bug, but from where I stood, it seemed like theyíd lost many in the crowd.

Once again, I couldnít tell how many people were there. Definitely less than Saturday, by a large amount, Iíd guess. I didnít have it in me to fight my way up front, so we hung back on Fishís side of the soundboard near a guy in a gigantic green dinosaur costume. He was a landmark. Iíd overhear people on their phones telling friends, ďyeah, take a left at the dinosaur, Iím right thereÖ no, trust me, youíll see him...Ē It was a great place to be for the last night, and the night that felt more like a festival than any other. After the big Quinn sing-a-long, no one wanted to leave. It wasnít the mass exodus toward boardwalk debauchery like the other two nights. It was lots of sighs, hugs, and hanging out.

We made our way back to our temporary casino home to play a little bit more.

Dealer (of cards): Did you go see that Phish tonight?

Me: Yep. It was great.

Dealer: Iíve never heard of em. How long they been around?

Me: Mid 80s.

Dealer: Huh. Metallicaís playing next weekend. Now thatíll be a show.

Me: Iím sure it will.

Off to Virginia early Tuesday, and hopefully Iíll be able to post these reviews up.
Score: 3

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